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Sound Designer

Providing sound design for video art, video game, cinematic, sonic branding, sonic logos, TV and radio. Fulfilling all the aspects such as implementation with Wwsie, Fmod and Unity, codecs, 2D and 3D sound, horizontal and vertical music and audio editing




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I had the opportunity to work in the Master Degree Program of University of Málaga (UMA) as a sound producer, creating an strategic approach about how to design and implement all the soundscape of the project. 

 It was an amazing experience thanks to the clear communication with the institution, which transmitted confidence in my work throughout the process: and the students huge energy.

Here there is a few videos of the production process:

Two Lovers Teaser (Sound Design, Recording VO, Mixing, Mastering)

Sliding stone sound using 10 micro-samples in a random container avoiding to use a repetitive loop.

Mock Up

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Screenshot (6).png


Sound design for an animation by Cesc Grané; designer, art director and resident artist in Fire Station Artist in Residence from Doha, Qatar.

The empty space in the animation provides a huge field to create different sounding universes and link it with each character. From an airport, a beach, a park or even a typical Japanese Z series scene with a big monster in a city.



The following block of videos is a sample of sound design and implementation for video game, cinematic and mock ups.

With the real world sounds the littles details make the difference; Ambiences outdoor and indoor and their different fields (far, middle and close), the steps and the materials (wood, gravel, water, etc) and give more importance to how we can feel an explosion sound instead of how real it sounds.



Vertical music demo with 5 stems:

  1. Pad/ambient.

  2. Shake/Clave.

  3. Guitar riff.

  4. Drum/Bass.

  5. French Horn.

The goal was decrease the intensity of the music regarding with the action in the game, removing stems in order to change from the action music to a mystery ambient when the main character moves smoothly to killing enemies.



Sound design and directly implementation in Unity. This work is a mix of mono and stereo sounds to set the space in 3D or 2D. The music is a 5 times rhythm in a horizontal setting.


click here, download, unzip the file and run the game.

(no need installation, Mac only)